About Métier Sweets

Bringing a sweet sophistication to your special event.

Hi there, I’m Rita owner of Metier Sweets, and welcome to my page.


I’m originally from Brazil and I’ve be living in USA for the past 24 years. I’m a home baker in Katy and grew up watching and helping my mom make wedding and birthday cakes for family and friends.


In 2009 I decided to take my baking to another level, not only bake tender and moist cakes but make them unique. That is when I made my first sculptured cake – a 3D Piano! I loved it, and since then, I’ve been challenging myself every now and then to not only create sculptured cakes but also exquisite wedding cakes and bringing Brazilian desserts to enrich everyone’s special occasions.


My mission is to bring dream cakes to life!

What is your dream cake?

What Are You Looking For?

Bringing a sweet sophistication to your special event!

Sweet Testimonials

“I am blown away by the quality of the cake and taste! All my friends wanted to know where it came from – thank you Rita for such a wonderful experience!”


Nichole Wallace

Contact us

+1 (979) 235 0507



All Houston Area, with $20 delivery if distance is above 20 miles up to 35 miles.
Plus $5 increase for every 5 extra miles.

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